Ladies from dusk till dawn

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a documentary by Matteo Tortora

production Black Oaks Pictures

director Matteo Tortora

cinematographer and colorist matteo Laguni

executive producer Andrea Rapallini

editing Matteo Tortora

audio editing Boomker Sound

photo backstage Federico Bezzi

music Roanoke

The Documentary

Drag Queens are peculiar artists who do not follow the rules, hence they can be hard to define. All the artists of this documentary come from this unique world. We want to connect the audience with this subculture that can be difficult to understand, especially for those who are not directly involved.

Besides twenty-four months of shooting, alternating interviews and long moments in which the camera follows what happens in silence. A huge observation work inside discos, trying not to affect the main character being right next to them, as close as possible.

The documentary focuses on some important moments for the four characters, alternating with individual interviews. They are followed during the evenings and interviewed in private moments, night and day, we investigate with them the dreams, the difficulties and the expectations they have. We also try to understand what a drag queen is for them and for the public which accompanies them with devotion. And like their sexual orientation has influenced their choices in life and work.

The soundtrack is extremely modern, headed by sounds and noises and a raw photography complement the film trying to return the atmosphere that characterized it live during filming

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